Beyoncé FORUM 2013

Koncert på Rådhuspladsen

Her er et lille klip fra koncerten på Rådhuspladsen.

Copenhell 2013

New album: ”Before it's too late”!

This very artistic album expresses a strong, challenging message through its songs and music.

”Every song has the power to pierce the hearts of the listeners -it is not mainstream at all! I am a person with no compromise, and I am convinced that the message in these songs is so needed right now.
We have seen so many puppets in the music industry. They just go after fame and riches, and they are the worst role models that our youth could experience. It grieves my heart so much, that I have been crying millions of tears.
I am not a young innocent girl that wants fame, but I am a mature woman with a message that the youth are in need of.”
Kristina Djarling

Everyone on this planet will have to stand accountable for their lives in front of our Creator. We need to get ready before it's too late!

Kristina Djarling has written both the lyrics and the melodies to all the songs on the album.